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Paramedic escort services in Israel

When you come to travel in the Holy Land, being confident is most necessary.


When traveling in Israel you travel between a variety of cities and different places. Some in populated settlements and some far away in the amazing nature of the country.


You will surely make sure that you have a comfortable, pleasant and trouble-free and you do everything to make sure that the trip is perfect.


You may even have already purchased health insurance for the trip


But, when a medical emergency occurs it is important to act quickly and it is important to get the right treatment in the best possible way.


No one wants to find themselves in an emergency when they are helpless


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At paramedicly we value the importance of providing a sense of security to the customer.

It is important to us that you enjoy the trip and feel protected throughout the exciting experience of a trip to the Holy Land.


In our paramedic escort service

The paramedic will accompany you when he carries with him an advanced first aid kit that includes:

Advanced resuscitation equipment

Dressing and fixing equipment


Emergency drugs

Monitoring equipment

Dedicated equipment if needed

And more


In addition, the paramedics are connected at any given moment to the emergency centers of Magen David Adom and Ihud Hatzalah


Our paramedics are among the most talented in Israel. All have been trained in Magen David Adom and all have extensive experience in treating medical emergencies. We know the Israeli health system very well and we will make sure that you receive the treatment you need in the best way.


Our paramedics also know Israel quite well from their work in the emergency organizations, if you ask they will be happy to share with you the places worth visiting :)


To order paramedic escort services in Israel, please click here


After leaving details we will find out with you your needs, evaluate the nature of the trip and the general health of the travelers.

We will set a plan and tailor the service for you optimally


Escort can be arranged in a form that includes accommodation in remote places or on a daily basis, according to your choice and the nature of the trip.


We wish you a pleasant trip and are now waiting to hear from you and meet you in the Holy Land!


 To order paramedic escort services in Israel, please click here

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